St. George leprosy church visby

The hidden ruin outside the wall:

Leprosy's church outside the city wall.

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The church of St. George was built during the 13th century. St. Goran, Jorgen or George was a very popular saint during the Middle Ages. He concidered to help people during deseases and accidents. He was the patron saint for the leprosy. The legend tells us, that the young George through his belife and boldness, protected a princess and a hole city from the wicked dragon.
Next to the church of St. George was a hospital for the leprosy. The buildings were probably raised simultaneously. They were placed outside the city wall because of the danger of deseases.

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Between the North gate and the Snaeckgaerd gate close to the shore is the gate of St. George. The path leads to the ruin of St. George.

The hospital of St. George was demolished in 1542, but the area has been used for funerals during several centuries. It's unknown where the old hospital was situated, probably close to the church. The oldest grave stones are from the beginning of the 14th century.
Close to the old church is the modern hospital of today.

The cementary of St. George was used during the bubonic plague in about 1710 when 450 persons died in Visby, and also during the cholera-epidemic around 1850. Here is a picture from a chilly Visby. Isn't it more beautiful when the trees are blooming and the summer has returned ..?

The Gate of St. George, a part of the north city wall. The oldest sadel tower of Visby city wall is just close to the gate of St. George. As with other gates you have to use the bridges to pass over the moat.

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