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  Visby Map of centre: The medieval city wall is 3,4 km with 27 ground towers and 9 sadel towers - still remaining. It was built during the 13th-14th centuries, and the oldiest part is Kruttornet.      Read more about it here.

almedalen Almedalen Visby - Almedalen, the old harbour
botanical garden Botanical Visby - The Botanical Garden
sweden Burmeister Visby - The house of Burmeister, Donners plats
botanical garden Dome Church Visby - Dome Church of S:ta Maria (St. Mary)
sweden Drotten Lars Visby - Ruins of Drotten and St. Lars
map Apoteket Visby - Gamla Apoteket with stepped gables
gotland Helge And Visby - Ruin of Helge And
churches Kruttornet Visby - Gun-powder tower
information Norderport - North gate
map of Snäck / Hospital - Snäckgärds gate - a few hundred meters to the hospital.
visby Dalmans's tower "Dalmanstornet" has a long bridge over the dry moat.
sweden Klemens Visby - Ruin of St. Clemens church
visby Nikolai Visby - Ruin of St. Nikolai church
Map St. Per Hans Visby - Ruins of St. Hans and St. Per
gotland St. Karin Visby - St. Karin / St. Katarina, Stora Torget
sweden Österport - East gate
botanical garden Söderport - South gate
sweden St. Goran Visby - St. George's ruin, outside the wall

  About 3.000 people live behind the old city wall today, while 27.000 live outside the wall.
 All business centras, big institutions and the hospital are also outside the wall. It seems like the photos are taken in October, when the tourists have left the island, while some big birds are still here.

Personally, I miss the tourists when they are gone, it becomes a more international city when you meet people from other countries with other cultures and languages. After the construction of the new port, even the large cruiser ships can dock, so that visitors can enjoy our Hansa Town.
If I was a bird, I would leave it in the end of September, but of course come back next year. ;-)
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