The Medieval Week visby medeltidsveckan gotland
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the medieval week  gotlandDuring week 32 there are two mayors, one German and one Gotlandic, just as it was in Visby at that time. For every year are new mayors selected depending of what is good for the town. A cultivated burgess counsel is active during the years that follow. traders visby 
burgesses  tramps gotland  medievalThe busy pub owner at Klosterlängan's inn (formely at Clematis' pub). A fantastic showman using fire shows to enjoy the visitors.
traders visby  sweden  medieval traders 
visby  medeltidsveckan  2019 
medieval tramps  fire shows"Medeltiden", the medieval period, ended in 1525 in Northern Europe. It was absolutely later than in England and France. visby 
medeltidsveckan visby Boende på Gotland.

the medieval week Accommodation on Gotland.

la semana medieval Alojamiento de Gotland.

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