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sociaties and musiciansDid we have bananas in Sweden during the 14th century ;-). Lucky you! The parade  medeltidsveckanThere are at least three former mayors in the parade at this photo.
visby  medieval weekSome knights and horses in the parade though Visby before the dedicatary speech take place at Kruttornet (The tower of Gun Powder). gotland 
knights and horses  tournamentum  medeltidsveckan 
visby  medeltidsveckan  knights horses 
The paradeA female tramp in the middle of the parade. All tramps are exhorted to go at the end of the parade. I was there the first year, so for me it's okey. tournament  visbyThe mayors try to calm the citizens not to worry about king Valdemar Atterdag and his army from Denmark. The wall would protect them, but maybe we begin to understand what happened. During the 17th century a lot of origanal documents from Hans Nielsön Strelow were burned up by accident.
medeltidsveckan visby Läs om slaget vid Visby ringmur.

the medieval week Read about the battle of Visby.

la semana medieval Lea sobre la batalla de Visby.

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