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klosterlängan visby  visby  häftiga ställenDon't use your mobile at Klosterlängan, then you will get this punishment ;-). I'm lucky to be excluded with my camera, so far.
medeltidsveckan  gotlandYet another victim. But the guests learn something till next year. klosterlänganI think you have started to learn some Swedish now. Well, enough some important words to visit The Medieval Week. But don't worry, we understand you ;-).
kvällens samlingspunktThe first year that this German band came to Medeltidsveckan, and they are skilled musicians. stora torgetHere they are playing at "Klosterlängan värdshus" (free translation: The Monastery semi-detached Inn) close to "Stora Torget", (The Big Square with many pubs and restaurants). And the group has fun together with the audience. medeltidsveckan 2016 
visby  2016  medeltidsveckan gotland 
medeltida pubar  med mjöd  visby 

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