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medeltidsveckan"Snäckgärdsporten" (The Snäckgärd's gate) where you can see that the defenders of the town could shoot from five floor, maybe also from the roof, often wider than the tower ifself. This is the only tower that is nearly re-constructed. big plunderingsTo the left "Lübeckerbräschen" where the Germans came in the year 1525 and put parts of the town on fire and plundered it. The reason to the fallen part can also be that a sadel-tower fell down. The big tower is named "Snäckgärdsporten". It was the second time that Visby really got plundered. 1361 
plundering 1525  by germans  medeltidsveckan 
visby 1361  2012  medeltidsveckan 
eventsHolger Funke with his group Poeta Magica at the Museum of Gotland (Fornsalen). In the background a figurine from the Viking period. Some figurines from the earlier Vendel period when the Swedes, Norwegians and Danes were colonizers in the south parts of Europe. medieval  visby 

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