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medeltidsveckanThis is just an illustration how the Danish king Valdemar Atterdag fire-rated the rich city of Visby. During 200 years before this happened Visby had been the trading hub of the Hansa organization in the Baltic Sea. biggest medieval festival  northern Europe 
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eventThe boss of the bar in action. At that time the guests visited Clematis. Often some girls were dancing on the tables to the sound of medieval music. Nowadays Clematis is a closed medieval building. Today a big monastary is open during the week. Better! sweden  the medieval week 
visbyAfter the Civil War 1288 all parishes on Gotland had to raise the wall (1350s) by up to 5-6 meters higher, build more ground towers supplemented with saddle towers. Therefore the wall itself needed to be thickened and more stable. 2006  the medieval week 
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