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After several years and many sites behind the keyboard, maybe it's time to tell you who I am. My name is Göran Smitterlau and live in Visby. In 2002 , when I was single, I wanted to share the photos I had taken, so I started to learn HTML. And I did it without any cources on my free time. I didnĀ“t realize that my first photos were horrible, but the interest of the technic was greater. My goal was to build an uncommercial site. At that time I also worked as an economy controller in a big company. In addition, I have been a dedicated choral singer, but also played in a lot of bands, it happened often in parallel. When covid-19 struck for the second time, it was a great opportunity to rebuild this retro site.

  My relatives got interested in The Medieval Week and they nearly forced me to join it in 2002. The first year I was dressed up as a beggar. In Tallinn, Estonia, I saw a medieval dressed man in a leather suit, so I went home and designed something of my own. After that, I asked a man on Gotland to sew up the suit below. Much thicker leather with iron plates was used by some of the rural soldiers and farmers.Much thicker leather with iron plates was used by some of the rural soldiers and farmers. Look at this page. The Danish soldiers had proper armors.


 As time goes by I will continue to take more photos of the town. Visby is a World Heritage Site, and well worth the time to study. Because I run this site on uncommercial basis, I will try to do my best to give you relavant information as best as I can.

  Many thousands of people around the world visit my site every month. Many expensive local projects and some sites do not reach as many potential tourists from abroad as this site does.

Author: Göran Smitterlau

 When you see the man to the left, you never know if you will be a part of .visbysweden.com. Please, tell me if you for some reason a special photo must be deleted. I do my best to be polite when I take the photos during the best week of the year.

 I get so much response when people comment what they have found on the site.

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