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Galleries with photos from Sweden

Most photos are from Visby.

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Mixed nature photos from Gotland.

A nature experience



Castle from the viking period and Vatlings in Fole.

Former buildings



Fårö, a 20 km long island north of Gotland, Midsummer event 2009.

"Midsommar" 2009



Mostly pictures of small houses and the city wall.




More pictures of small houses and medieval stone buildings.




Flowers in Almedalen - a BONUS to you!

Photo gallery



The Botanical garden in Visby.

Well worth a visit



Almedalen was the medieval harbour of Visby, today only a small puddle.

.... with birds



The hospital once was close to S:t Göran, the leproucy church.

Hospital and church



"The sister churches" S:t Drotten and S:t Lars are close to the Big Square.

Earlier female names



Helge And is close to the Dome church S:ta Maria.

Helge And



Valdemar Atterdag´s invasion of Gotland 1361

History - English



The city wall of Visby

History - English

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