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The city wall

A cloudy day outside the city wall.

Visby is the only town on the island and in the county of Gotland, a popular place for tourists in summertime. A lot of events take place on Gotland during these weeks; music events, the Medieval week, sport events, et cetera. The town has plenty of well-visited and excellent restaurants and bars, and with most frequent restaurants and local breweries in Sweden. The beaches are not far away from Visby.

 The big attraction is the city wall from the 13th century. The foundations of a city wall began already in the 12th century, when a few large towers were built. Such defensive towers are also found at some of the rural churches. It was not until the 1350s that work on the city walls began to be strengthened properly. Visby is called 'The city of roses and ruins', and has 200 medieval houses on winding lanes. In 1995 Visby was chosen by UNESCO as a World Heritage town.

Visit the botanical garden of Visby, and look at one of its most precious treasures, the Ginkgo tree. And enjoy the roses that bloom in great profusion.


"Dalmanstornet", The Dalman's Tower was closed with boulders in the 18th century but opened in 1925. Before that, it served as a grain warehouse. From the stone tablet: ".. Mr. LARS REINHOLD DALMAN'S Affordable. Care. Meltan. Gothland's. Distressed. Residents. Hêanes. 1784. When. Severe. Grain. Shortage. Prevailed. Ofer. The Land."

A good shortcut if you come from the northeastern part of Visby.

The photo pages contain pictures from Visby and The Medieval week. There are interesting medieval events around the coutryside of Gotland. Many villages contribute in doing The medieval week to the biggest medieval festival in northern Europe. Hundreds of pictures from Visby: the Medieval week, the town wall, the roses, the ruins dressed in ivy, small old houses at narrow streets and the botanical garden of Visby.

The year is 1361 and the citizens of Visby were doing what they usually did; shopping, eating, working etc. They didn't know that King Valdemar of Denmark and his army were on their way to the wealthy and strategically important Gotland."
 Read the exciting short story about Visby and Gotland 1361 and some facts about The Medieval week (The battle of Visby). It was the Swedish Church that started this event during the 1980s. We give them all our thankfullness! They even help us with the localities, for instans the old ruins and sometimes the churches.

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