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The Botanical garden in Visby was created in 1855 of 'The Bathing Friends' (DBW), and was early a place for useful plants. Today it's one of the best botanical gardens in Sweden with exciting trees and flowers. It's also enriched with plants from all over the world.


Here is a rhododendron, blooming during the first weeks i June.
The ruin of St. Olof church in the Botanical garden. It was built in early 13th century, and was one of the biggest and most lavish churches. Only the west tower of the church is seen above ground.

botanical garden  

Amongst other plants in the park you can find orientalic trees and flowers. An example is the Royal Empress tree. If you are interested there are a mammuth-tree, fig- and walnut-trees, chestnut- and mulberry-trees et cetera.

Visit one of my Photo Pages with beautiful flowers in the Botanical Garden.

Author: Göran Smitterlau



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botanical   garden   flowers  

Examples of trees you can find in the Botanical garden:





  Paulownia tomentosa Kejsarträd Empress tree Paulonia
  Davidia involucrata Duvträd Dove tree Davidia
  Liriodendron tulipifera Tulpanträd Tulip tree Tulipero de Virginia
  Parrotia persica Papegojbuske Persian Ironwood Árbol de hierro
  Sophora japonica Pagodträd Japanese Pagoda tree Acacia del Japón
  Magnolia kobus Japansk magnolia Kobushi magnolia Magnolia del Japón
  Ginkgo biloba Ginkgoträd Maidenhair tree Ginko, árbol de los cuarenta escudos
  Ailanthus altissima Gudaträd Tree-of-heaven Ailanto, árbol del cielo
  Metasequoia glyptostroboides Kinesisk sekvoja Dawn Redwood Metasequoia
  Fraxinus ornus Mannaask Manna Ash Orno, árbol del manna
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