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 Visby is a walled town with roses, ruins, narrow cobblestone streets, a wide range of cozy restaurants and pubs, markets and of course the town wall itself: Visby was formerly a Hanseatic town in Sweden. The Hansa ruled Gotland for hundreds of years during the Medieval Times, today it's a popular destination for tourists.
 Discover the beauty of this medieval town in Sweden. Look at the pictures in the photo galleries, or read about the growth of Visby here.
 The town of Visby in Sweden was in 1995 chosen by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites. The Medieval Week on Gotland is a medieval history event with thousands of participants, and here we show The Medieval Week in pictures. Medeltidsveckan is one of many big medieval events in Europe.

Author: Göran Smitterlau
  medieval week
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medieval week  You'll get a lot of vibes when you visit Visby because of all the restaurants. And not far from the town there are big sand beaches and interesting nature. The town has a lot of hotels with good standard, sometimes expensive. It's also possible to find cheaper hostels if your purse isn't thick enough, or maybe you have friends living in this summer paradise of Sweden.
A little tip: For a whole week in August people dress themselves in clothes as true to the Medieval Times as possible, the year 1361. The old-looking walled town of Visby makes Medeltidsveckan even better. The town gives the impression that you have stepped back in time. Of many towns in Sweden, this town is maybe the most beautiful. On Gotland are over 90 churches, many of them built in the 12th century. The pictures will probably inspire you.

Medeltidsveckan Visby


Visby, Sweden, is a very popular place for tourists in summertime from all over the world. The population of Gotland is only 60 thousand, but can welcome tourists many times more during the summer period. Except for Visby with its town wall, roses and ruins, the county has a lot to offer tourists; beaches, restaurants, campings, the island of "Fårö" with "raukar" and ... nice people.
The best way to get to Gotland is by ferry. They are as big as Titanic. There are flights from various destinations, mostly Arlanda and Bromma in Stockholm several times daily.

week in pictures

Visby - Gotland

Medieval Week in pictures, Visby Sweden medeltidsveckan visbygotlandsweden

Helge And

Hotel Helge And in medieval style - Visby gotlandvisbymedeltidsveckan visbypictures


Mostly images from Medeltidsveckan Visby / Blackmore's Night visby

Visby silver

Debbie's Silver Jewelry in Visby, Sweden swedenvisbyswedenmedievalevent

Visby silber

Debbies Silber Schmuck, Visby - Germany (Schwestern Zeite) visby sweden

Unesco Visby

Unesco´s page about Visby medievalWorld Heritage town


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